reimagining medical device manufacturing

Device Science is dedicated to developing and delivering high-quality remanufactured medical devices to the healthcare community in the USA and abroad. Our products assist healthcare providers lower costs and reduce their carbon footprint while complying with ever-growing statutory, regulatory, and customer requirements. We meet the challenge this mission presents by maintaining a robust Quality Management System and by engaging in cutting edge and transformational research and development in our state of the art laboratory. Device Science values its team and provides a creatively stimulating and rewarding work environment with exceptional growth opportunities for its employees.


Lower Cost

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Device Science launched in 2021 serving the women’s health surgical device sector. We produce high-level remanufactured devices for that under-served sector. 

FDA quality standards mandate remanufactured medical devices function the same or better than the equivalent OEM device. 

Our team is working to bring remanufactured devices to women’s health to reduce economic and environmental impact. We hold ourselves to an even higher standard for the products and services we provide.

American hospitals produce millions of pounds of medical waste each year, 29 pounds per bed per day on average. Our professionally remanufactured products reduce the burden of waste on the environment and on our customer’s bottom line. We focus on building a better tomorrow for medical service providers, their patients and for the environment we all share.

Countries around the world are discovering and educating themselves on the benefits of remanufactured medical devices. The utilization aids economic growth, healthcare systems and sustainability endeavors. The United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Africa are getting involved in the industry. The Device Science team strives to educate and expand the use of remanufactured single-use devices around the globe.